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Start Complaining

As the name suggests this website is not to be taken too seriously. As a member you can add posts and also comment on other people’s. Being a member of Wind People Up is like sitting behind a one-way mirror, because you can join anonymously. You can tell people where you think they got it wrong and give them your forthright opinion. You can release the stress of your day and no one will ever know who you are. Obviously, all the comments you make must be within the law. This website is not about abusing people, it’s about people letting off steam in a fun way.

How to Join

You must be over 18 to join as some of the comments are of an adult nature. Think of a fun one or two word username which should be entered under Username as: exampleuser and under Name as: Example User. Both formats of the name are seen so it is important they are the same. Enter an email address which of course we keep strictly confidential. We will automatically load an anonymous funky avatar. Remembered not to use an email address that is registered with the Gravatar or it will upload your real avatar and you wouldn’t want that. Then choose a password and you’re good to go. Why not Register now and let the fun begin! If you don’t receive your activation email please remember to check your junk folder and make us a contact.